Top Deals on Gaming Laptops – November 2014

Black-HP-Logo-RoundFinding a gaming laptop that fits your budget can be difficult sometimes. You need a machine with high end processors, a dedicated video card or at least decent integrated GPU, good sound quality and a screen that can handle full HD quality. That can be a lot to ask for in a laptop that won’t break the bank. Thankfully it is not an impossible wish to fulfill.

Best Deals on Gaming Laptops

HP Pavilion 17-E0 17-inch Laptop

HP is known for making solid computers at a decent price. If you can get past the bloat-ware this laptop has quite a bit to offer for under $500. The major downside here is the lack of dedicated graphics and the fact that even at 17 inches it lacks full HD.


  • 17-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView LED-backlit display (1600 x 900)
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory / 750GB Hard Drive / 1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo jack
  • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit operating system, DTS Sound+

HP 15-R018DX Laptop

Another HP Laptop makes our list, a newer model that boast superior graphics and has a 4th gen Intel Processor that can deliver. This is a great starter laptop with some upgrade potential under the hood. You can easily upgrade it to 8GB and turn it into a real powerhouse. For $495 it is a reasonable amount of bang for the buck.


  • 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4010U processor
  • 15.6″ LED-backlit high-definition display with Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • 4GB DDR3L SDRAM / 750GB Hard DriveDVD±RW/CD-RW Drive / HP TrueVision high-definition webcam
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit / 802.11b/g/n WLAN

acer-logoAcer Aspire E5-571-56 15.6-inch Laptop

With 7 hours of battery life and 8GB of ram, this Acer model proves that good things can come in small packages and with small price tags too. Unfortunately the graphics leave a little something to be desired, but for $499 we can’t be too pixel hungry.


  • Intel Core i5-4210U 1.7 GHz Proicessor (3MB Cache)
  • 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM1000 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 15.6-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics 4400 Windows 8.1, 7-hour battery life

Extreme Gaming Laptops Under $2000

With E-sports on the rise, finding extreme gaming laptops under $2000 can be a bit of challenge. Here are three laptops that rise to the occasion when it comes to speed, performance, power and graphics.


Razer Blade (2013) $1999

If you want to talk about extreme gaming then you have to be talking about the Razer Blade. This ultra portable laptop packs a 4th gen i7 Processor (Quad Core) at 2.2Ghz which can be boosted up to 3.2Ghz and comes with 8GB of ram and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M discrete graphics card. It’s also outfitted with a 256GB SSD for maximum performance. What it lacks is Full HD which was a decision Razor made in favor of a smaller sharper 1600×900 resolution. It is also lacking an optical drive and Ethernet port. If you’re a mobile gamer on the go this machine has you covered, but if it feels too specialized for the price you might want something more conventional.

MSI GX60 1AC-021US $1299

This is one of the best budget gaming laptops on the market. The keyboard layout is a little busy but if you can get past that, this machine is a monster. Weighing about 7.5 lbs this laptop carries a 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7970M discrete, 8GB of ram and AMD A10-4600M processor at 2.3GHz.

If you’re a gamer on a budget and want to play with high resolution graphics without compromising performance, this machine is a safe bet that won’t break the bank.

MSI GS70 Stealth (GS70 2OD-002US) $1999

With a 17 inch display, 3 different drives, and an Intel Core i7-4700HQ quad core processor, I don’t know that stealth is the right word to describe this power house. This machine is aces across all benchmark test and 16GB of ram certainly doesn’t hurt! This machine takes advantage of a Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M discrete GPU for gaming capable of satisfying your 3D needs. One of the more notable features of this notebook is the long battery life, over 3 hours on average. Between that and the 2 Raid 0 SSD’s and 1TB data drive, this laptop is a hulk among gaming machines weighing about 9lbs.


For more extreme gaming laptops under $2000 shop around online at leading retailers and review sites such as Engadget,  PCMag and review aggregates like LaptopNinja. With a bit of luck you’ll find something on special that will save you some bucks too.

Gaming Laptop of the Month October 2014 – Alienware 18

alienware-18Gaming laptops are few and far in between. It’s difficult to find a good one because you’re trying to fit high computing power into a unit light enough to be portable. If you search long enough however you will eventually come across some attractive options. After testing out some Alienware, ASUS, and other brands of gaming laptops my expectations plummeted. I began to think that desktop PCs were the only way to go, but then one stood out. After all my research I have finally crowned a winner, the Alienware 18. I will now explain what makes me love the 18, and the things that make me shy away from it.


This thing handles graphics amazingly, I noticed zero dropped frames or graphical errors. Plus this laptop packs a 1080p HD screen which just adds to the beauty of the game you’re playing. One thing that really made me happy is that no game I played crashed. This thing really packs a punch and you can definitely see a difference when you’re playing. The large SSD and HDD allow for hundreds of game saves and no fear of having too many games installed. One other huge plus is that this laptop has an HDMI port that is not only and out, it’s also an in. This means you can hook up your Xbox One, Playstation 4, or another HDMI device and use it on the laptop.


I honestly only have two complaints about this laptop. One, it’s massive! With an 18 inch screen this baby clocks in at 12.02 lbs. and is as bulky as carrying around a DVD player. The only other complaint I have is that the battery life is very short. However, both of these things are expected when you’re dealing with a gaming laptop.

To conclude, the Alienware 18 is currently the best gaming laptop available on the market in my opinion. It can handle any game you throw at it and have extremely nice HD graphics at the same time. Although it might suffer from short battery life and weigh more than a toaster, it is definitely the best gaming experience I have ever had on a laptop computer. If you’re in search of the best gaming laptop I highly recommend this one and wish you good luck on your journey.

Taking Your Gaming on the Road

Laptop_RoadThere are many reasons that gamers have to take their love of gaming on the road. And while the desktop PC is generally full of power and enhancements that mobile gaming can’t compare to, this doesn’t mean that a good laptop can hold its own. Laptops were designed as a convenient way to keep up your business, and later your gaming with you so that you can take it with you where you want to go. But don’t just settle on any machine to handle your gaming needs. Instead take a look at a few of the top premium gaming laptop brands and see where your gaming can take you.

The 2013 Dell XPS 15 has been voted as having the best audio and video for gaming laptops around. The price ranges from $1000 to around $2200 depending on what extras you want to throw at it. It is 15.6 inch notebook and while that seems to be a standard size it makes up for this with the high resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. The3.2-GHz Intel Core i7-4702HQ processor with a 512GB SSD, operates on Windows 8.1 and contains aNvidia GeForce GT 750M GPU with 2GB of graphics memory. This will handle any of your gaming needs from the top to the bottom.

The next on the list is the Alienware 18 gaming laptop. This models is equipped with an Intel Core i7-4810 MQ processor,Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card that has 4 GB GDDR5, a 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive, and16 MB of RAM. One of the newer models on the market it compares right close to the Dell but goes above and beyond with an 18.1 inch screen. The price on this can get pretty high depending on what you might want to add to it, but if you are a serious gamer then it is well worth the tag.

Bringing in the top three is the ASUS G750JX gaming laptop. The laptop contains an Intel Core i7 2.40 GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M 3GB GDDR5 graphics card,500 GB hard drive and 32 GB worth of RAM. While not as powerful as the previous laptops the price range is more affordable for the average gamer without giving up too much power in the process. And the 17.3 inch screen is nice to have in order to enjoy your gaming or to just stream those videos from them.

While thetop premium gaming laptop brands might stretch your budget a bit, once you start your games on them you will know that it was well worth every penny.

Best Gaming Laptops September 2014

Dell's Alienware Silver 18.4There are plenty of gamers who are serious about video game play and competition. These competitors need high performance systems to contend with adversaries and more importantly, to win. Not all video games players use desktop systems for challenges. Many of them rely on high performance laptops to defeat their opponents. The following information will describe the best premium gaming laptops that can be used to give gamers the edge they need to be victorious.

Dell’s Alienware Silver 18.4″

First up is Dell’s Alienware Silver 18.4″ ALW18-3005SLV Laptop with Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor. This particular laptop model is a powerful laptop computer that delivers speed, performance and endurance. The Alienware Silver has a large 18.4″ screen and it weighs a whopping 20.8 pounds. While the unit is heavy for a mobile PC it’s extra size is necessary for housing the powerful specs that are installed in this system.

Alienware owners will have an i7-4700MQ processor, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HD space at their disposal. The unit also includes NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 memory. This type of graphic cards gives players the ability to maximize game play to the max. Dell’s Alienware Silver retails for about $2000 but it’s well worth the expense.

Asus Zenbook 13.3″ WQHD Touchscreen Ultrabook Computer

The Asus Zenbook 13.3 Touchscreen Ultrabook is a slim and sleek laptop model that performs like a pro. This unit will help gamers to maximize their ability to react quickly against opponents in live game action play and it also gives them the ability to play at a high level competition without slowing down.

Zenbook contains 1.6 GHz processing speed, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. It is powered by the Windows 8 operating system and it has a 13.3-inch touchscreen which are great for playing games involving touch action. Zenbook has a Intel HD Graphics 5100 card and it weighs only 2.6 pounds. This unit is extremely lightweight and mobile that owners can use this laptop in just about any place that they go. The Zenbook is priced at $2079.


The ORIGIN PC EON15-S Mid Size 15.6 Inch Custom Gaming Laptop is the type of PC unit that gamers need. This machine stretches the limits of computer specifications by providing users with a whopping 2.7 GB of RAM, 4GB processor and a 320 GB optical drive. This unit not only plays games at an ultra fast pace it also displays them with highly sophisticated display technology.

Users will be enthralled by the NVIDIA Single 8GB NVIDIA GTX 980M graphic display that will show off shaper and crisp images on the unit’s 15.6-inch screen. The screen also uses a 1920 x 1080 LED Backlit Matte Display format. The unit weighs about 4.3 pounds and is fairly lightweight for such a powerful laptop unit. The EON15.5 is typically custom made by Origin PC and this unit is priced between $1800 and $2600 depending on design. These are some of the best premium laptops that are available on the market today.